Let’s talk about the old days,
let’s talk about your friends,
let’s talk about the summer
and how you wish it wouldn’t end.

Did I forget to tell you,
how pretty you looked in that dress?
In the first time that I saw you,
you cleaned the mess from my head.

And I don’t mind,
if we take our time.
No, I don’t mind


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The Story So Far by Jesus Martinez on Flickr.

Joaquin Phoenix for Prada, 1997

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Things like racism are institutionalized. You might not know any bigots. You feel like “well I don’t hate black people so I’m not a racist,” but you benefit from racism. Just by the merit, the color of your skin. The opportunities that you have, you’re privileged in ways that you might not even realize because you haven’t been deprived of certain things. We need to talk about these things in order for them to change.


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This is the Dave Chapelle white people don’t quote.

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Anonymous asked: are you currently single??


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